Machine learning security and Python module sandboxing Your systems depend on code you did not write, which may be vulnerable or compromised.
This can expose your data, paralyze your infrastructure and enable attackers to impersonate your organization.
We can help you reduce these risks.

Our Python module sandboxing solution is coming soon.

Exceptionally, we can also offer conferences, trainings and consulting on software and machine learning cybersecurity.
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Step 1 (coming soon). Install Calicarpa

$ wget

Complete installation instructions will be available soon. In particular, our library will only support the Linux kernel, required for its native sandboxing capabilities. Several instruction sets will be supported, including at least x86-64 and ARMv8-A.

You will soon be able to purchase license keys on the website.

Step 2. Import Calicarpa in Python

from calicarpa import license license.verify([license_key]) # License check only needed in top-most Python package, # easing the deployment of sandboxed Python libraries.
from calicarpa import sandbox

Python module sandboxing can be configured directly within the interpreter, and saved to/loaded from configuration files.

Documentation on the security model and API is underway.

import requests import django import flask import numpy import pandas import matplotlib import torch import tkinter import bs4

Python's package ecosystem is a fantastic tool...

Python has become one of the most popular programming languages. Its ease-of-use in a wide range of tasks is in no small part due to a well-furnished constellation of contributed Python packages. Prominent online repositories, like the Python Package Index (used by pip), have one key strength: they are public.

As software grows in complexity, so often does its list of external dependencies. And each of these dependencies entails to their respective authors, who may be complete strangers, your company's complete trust.

...that has sharp edges on both sides

Whenever you (or a collaborator of yours) write import external_dependency and execute the code, external_dependency has by design arbitrary code execution. If external_dependency is itself vulnerable or straightaway malicious, then it can be leveraged by malicious actors to steal your data, to paralyze your entire infrastructure and/or to impersonate your organization to your customers. Such supply chain attacks, which are too often left unchecked, have become a leading cybersecurity threat.

import foo # is vulnerable or malicious
# By design, foo is executed when imported. # If foo is vulnerable or malicious, # it can be exploited to spy on, # harm or backdoor your systems. # foo has arbitrary code execution, with all # the privileges granted to its interpreter, # everywhere the code is ever run.

Your infrastructure is likely vulnerable to misbehaving Python dependencies.

If Python is used without advanced cybersecurity in your information processing pipeline, then your data and your day-to-day operations are under the serious threat, not only of attacks on your own system, but also through attacks on your suppliers and your customers' systems, which probably possess sensitive information about your business.

Similarly, your commercial partners are counting on you and on your company to handle their data with care and professionalism. A lack of attention to the cybersecurity of your system represents a violation of their trust.

from downloaded_package import CustomData some_dataset = CustomData() # CustomData is e.g. a machine learning dataset.
# Unfortunately, the above lines are
# ubiquitous in machine learning development. # In fact, ML students will often be taught # such lines of code and be asked to write # them on their machines during their training. # Yet 'downloaded_package' could be programmed # to surreptitiously exfiltrate the machine's data.

Yet critical vulnerabilities are found all the time

Perhaps the most dramatic case recently is the log4shell critical vulnerability (for Java), which hijacks the package log4j for remote code execution (RCE). Another example is the dataset import on torch, which provides arbitrary code execution for the downloaded dataset. In fact, the Common Vulnerability and Exposure (CVE) Program lists 120+ CVEs related to "Python", in 2022 alone. Meanwhile, Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that the yearly cost of cybercrime in 2021 is around 6 trillion dollars. In the growing context of cyberwarfare, securing information systems against external dependencies has arguably become a national security problem.

Our solution: Python module sandboxing

To secure your system, Calicarpa proposes a novel and innovative solution, which consists of limiting the rights and capabilities of untrusted Python modules. Essentially, we use Linux kernel primitives to isolate the execution of these modules, and to prevent them from even accessing your data and/or your computational resources. Thereby, even zero-day vulnerabilities in Python modules will fail to spy on, paralyze or backdoor the critical parts of your systems.

from calicarpa import sandbox sandbox.load("/path/to/configuration/file")

import foo
# foo now runs with a restricted view of the system: # - limited/rearranged view of the file system, # - limited/translated/deactivated networking, # - bounded resource consumptions (CPU, RAM, etc), # - restricted syscalls (limiting the kernel's attack surface), # - and isolation from other processes. # foo may have limited access to other loaded Python modules, # and these other modules may access foo's functions and data, # as specified by the sandboxing configuration. # running in isolation within foo's system view

Our Python module sandboxing is a technological feat.

It is well-known that, unfortunately, Python module sandboxing is "really non-trivial".

Building upon the security primitives and administration interfaces of the Linux kernel (namespaces, secure computing mode, control groups, etc), our library offers native sandboxing capabilities with a straightforward Python interface.

The challenge then lies in making transparent to our customers the interactions between Python modules, which can then be scattered across multiple, heterogeneous sandboxes. In particular, existing code need not be modified to use our product.

Lê Nguyên Hoang is Calicarpa's chief executive officer (CEO). After graduating from Polytechnique (X07), he earned a PhD in mathematics from Polytechnique Montréal (game theory), winning the best thesis award in his department. He then pursued postdoctoral research at MIT. Lê published security research, while also becoming a prominent and successful science communicator (220k+ YouTube subscribers). He authored many books and is a sought-after public speaker (TEDx, AMLD, Devoxx...). Lê also co-founded the collaborative Tournesol platform.

Sébastien Rouault is Calicarpa's chief technology officer (CTO). After graduating from Centrale-Supélec, he obtained his PhD in machine learning security from EPFL, designing and implementing today's state-of-the-art algorithms in the field. Sébastien has over 10 years of top-level software development, from low-level, high-performance software engineering at Cisco Systems to multi-level (both Python and C++/CUDA) secure machine learning implementations. His work received distinctions for its quality and reliability, such as two ACM reproducibility badges.

El Mahdi El Mhamdi is Calicarpa's strategist and scientist. A graduate of Polytechnique (X07), he pioneered the field of secure distributed machine learning during his PhD at EPFL. His ground-breaking algorithms (Krum, Bulyan...) and the formalisms behind them are now used by Google, IBM, Tencent (WeBank) etc. Mahdi is a Professor at Polytechnique where he carries research on reliable machine learning and teaches advanced courses on the topic. Previously, he was a Senior Research Scientist at Google and received EPFL’s thesis distinction.

Leverage our worldclass expertise in cybersecurity and pedagogy

Calicarpa is founded by experts in cybersecurity and science communication. Over the last 5 years, after initiating the field of robust distributed machine learning and making it practical, we have published every year state-of-the-art research on machine learning vulnerabilities and defenses, which have been peer-reviewed and celebrated at essentially all of the most pretigious academic conferences in the world.

Our focus has extended beyond machine learning, as the security of our algorithms also leverages secure primitives in cryptography, networking and concurrency, among others. In particular, again and again, we found that clearly sandboxing different components of a system and limiting adequately their influence and their access — the time-honored principle of least privilege — was a (sometimes provably) efficent way to guarantee security without too much performances degradation. Here is a selection of our publications:

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